No, Bad Society, It’s Not Actually Okay Being Fat

There’s A Lot Of Problems With It


So, society has gone in this interesting direction in the last little while.  I really don’t care if you disagree with me in this or not (it’s true, I have zero fucks to give), but it is NOT okay to be fat.

That sounds a little harsh, I know.  This is coming from a fat guy.  By the way, the answer to that question that is floating in the back of your head: No, I have no been brainwashed by society and the media.  Please note:  If you like who you are, and don’t want to change anything about yourself, that’s perfectly fine.  I’m okay with this.  If all you’re doing here is for entertainment purposes, Welcome!  Please enjoy the show.

There is this massive shift nowadays to tell people the importance of being self confident.  I can not make this any more clear, or important: I AM 100% ALL FOR BEING SELF CONFIDENT AND ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO PUSH THEMSELVES TO BE THE BEST THEY ABSOLUTELY CAN BE. What I am NOT okay with, is the shift in attitude saying that “Being fat is totally okay,”.

What do I mean by this?  There are songs by “musicians” (and I use the term very loosely) that basically say it’s okay be plus sized, but not okay to be fit or skinny.  Example, there is a song by a person I will call “Ricky Menagerie” that says “Fuck them skinny bitches,”.  It’s not okay to be skinny (which is funny because this individual had surgery to look a certain way).  You like the song I am talking about?  Fuck off and die.  It sucks to begin with.

Anyways, I have seen it many times in the last few years.  People advocating getting in shape and being healthy, and the internet and news outlets just ripping them apart.  Why?  Because they’re being “insensitive” to people’s feelings, or don’t know the struggles of what it’s like.  Or some other bullshit excuse blaming someone else for their poor decisions, holding everyone else accountable, except for themselves.

The only thing I will say to that: Fuck off.  Remember kids, YOU, like ME, are the problem.  We are the only ones that can do anything about it.  I know the struggle, and the hardships, and what the process is that you go through to lose the weight.

There are other songs out there that do something similar.  One that talks about Base Jumping or something.  I do find the song catchy, and find myself singing along to it.  The message it puts out there of being a strong and confident woman is amazingly huge, because I do find there are not enough messages out there geared towards women telling them to basically love themselves for who they are, and essentially fuck the rest of society for putting you down.  However, re-read paragraphs one through three.  I`ll wait.  (Wow, that took longer than I thought.)

My only issue with that song is that it again advocates being bigger as awesome. And it’s not.  There are so many negatives to being obese and overweight, that they totally outweigh (no pun intended) the positive.

I love who I am.  I am confident and strong (hell, I’m talking about this stuff online, without giving a fuck about you trolls out there…Lincoln) and care about myself.  I also care enough about myself to know I have to make the change.

My other issue with the media is actors and other famous people who lose the weight, and talk about how great they feel, get shunned and ostracized by society because they are no longer fat.  Fuck you all once again.  How dare you put someone down for an accomplishment of that magnitude.

You are where you are in life, because that’s where you want to be.  No?  The shut the fuck up and do something.  I understand there are and will always be circumstances where no matter what one does, it doesn’t work.  I know this, and have seen it.  For that rare individual, I am sorry.  I truly and deeply am.  That’s not me being facetious either.  It’s 100% honest and true as to how I feel.  I know people that have been in horrible circumstances, and work their asses off, making all the right choices, but it just doesn’t work.

For the rest of you, shut the fuck up and stop blaming everyone else.

That’s better.

End rant.

5 things you need to know about supplements!

So the vast majority of things that are going to be posted from now on are going to be drawn from one of three categories: fitness myths and other bullshit, stuff that pisses me off, or stuff that is both.

Now, we have been asked to mention some specific things, and because these are things that are both fairly common myths, and are also mostly complete bullshit that pisses me off, I’m gonna cover them.

Here we go off into supplement land again. Magical pills and powders and wallet thinners! If you didn’t read the previous articles, remember that basically: most supplements are snake oil. Some work. They’re expensive, and if they work well, they’re illegal. That’s pretty much the long and short of it.

First up: the importance of worrying about kidney and liver support supplements if you are on a high-protein diet. This is absolutely not required, at all. It’s complete bro-science, and is based off conjecture and one flawed study from the dark ages that I can’t find right now.

There is ZERO evidence that a high protein diet can in any way damage or compromise your liver or kidney function. At all, ever. Says science. As far as I am concerned from all of the things I have ever read, they’re not worth the money. If you feel like lighting your hard-earned cash on fire, feel free. But understand that if a real doctor hasn’t told you to take them for a medical condition that money could be better spent elsewhere. Like on hookers and blow. Get the hooker to dress up as a doctor if you want.

If you are using any of the illegal injectables, you should be using liver support drugs. I’m not turning this into a drug website, so go do your own research and find that info elsewhere as it has been written about ad nauseum.

The one thing that you should probably worry about if you are consuming lots of whole food protein is that you pretty much have to include some sort of fibre supplement. Don’t want to blow out an o-ring. If you are consuming lots of whey protein shakes for convenience or Dat Anabolic Window, Bro, you have three primary things you should be worried about:

  1. Your wallet getting thin faster than you are. Supps are expensive if consumed in quantity.
  2. Harming everyone around you with the gasses leaking out of your ass. Between the protein powder and the whole food diet you’re on (right?), you just might kill someone dead.
  3. Not feeling full after eating if you are working to lose fat mass. Liquid calories are just not satiating, which is why you can drink a 1500 calorie milkshake way faster and easier than eating 1500 calories of baked potato.

Moving on. Creatine.

There are a bunch of different forms of Creatine available on the market now. The traditional old school Creatine Monohydrate, Kre-Alkalyn (Buffered), Ethyl Ester, Tri- Malate, Conjugated, and I’m sure a whole bunch more I haven’t heard of and/or don’t care about.

All of the types of Creatine on this list other than Monohydrate are good for: making your wallet thinner than if you had bought mono. They all essentially turn into basic Creatine once your body absorbs it, except for CEE, which is actually complete garbage and is something like 1/10 as effective. Getting a micronized form (which basically means they made it into a finer powder than usual) is not a bad idea as it dissolves in liquid better, but none of the Creatines that I have purchased in recent years have been non-micronized, even if they didn’t claim that it was.

Hey look, our good friends (I lie – they have no idea who we are) at Examine did a post about this very subject! You can check it out to verify that I am not completely talking out my ass about this one specific subject.

A quick google search tells me that most non-mono forms of Creatine are between 4x and 20x as expensive on a per-dose basis. You should be able to get a three months’ supply of mono for under $20. I saw a few that were over $60 for one month. Math is hard, but one of those is a worse deal to me.

In summation: don’t be stupid. Thanks and have a good weekend.

The awesomeness that is sous vide for pre-preparing weekly meals

I just wanted to let y’all know about the wonderfulness that is having a sous vide for preparing your meals.

I eat a lot of chicken (and broccoli). I’m also really busy with work and crap (who isn’t), which means that my available time is fairly limited for preparing meals etc. I personally tend to eat the same thing for lunch + dinner each day, because I don’t mind monotony, it makes it super easy to track my calories, and it means that I can just reach into the fridge and have a meal ready in about 5 minutes, including heat-up time in the microwave.

What I do is buy my chicken breasts in bulk from Costco. I then bag about 4-5 breasts per bag into large ziploc freezer bags (as much as I can fit in a single layer without too much overlap), and put a bit of flavour (light [less oil, more flavour stuff] sundried tomato + oregano salad dressing is my current favourite) in with them, then use the Archimedes principle to seal the bags.

Cook the chicken at @ 145-150F, for 3+ hours, and you can easily pull apart the meat so you now have pulled chicken. While the meat is not cooked to well-done, my research tells me that it is fully pasteurized at this point so you don’t have to worry about salmonella or other fun bacteria in your food.

Once they are cooked, I remove the liquid that comes off the chicken in the bags and reduce it in a pan, and mix it back in with the pulled meat to add more flavour. You can also add more flavour things at this point – I quite like adding a bit of pesto into the mix.

I find when cooking from frozen, it is necessary to remove air from the bags again about 45-60 minutes after the meat first goes in. Not entirely sure why so much more air comes off frozen meat, but there it is.

I cook 2-3 bags per batch (usually Sundays), which gives me most of a week of raw protein for meals. This takes about the same amount of time and effort as cooking off the meat in the oven then slicing it – probably less, even though I’m fast with a knife. Sous vide has the other advantage of making it pretty much impossible to overcook your meat – no more dry and boring chicken.

When I did one of my last batches, I ended up leaving the bags in the sous vide over night, and the only change was that the meat was completely broken down, so I have something closer to chicken pate rather than pulled. Not my favourite texture ever, but it’s still pretty good. I find for boneless skinless breasts, 3-4 hours is pretty much ideal.

You can use the sous vide to do lots more stuff, but this is what I use it for the most. It also does fantastic ribs, pork shoulder, fish, and pretty much any other meat you want. It isn’t a cheap appliance, but definitely worth the money in my mind, and there are cheaper ways to build yourself a sous vide if you want to put in the effort. I’ll cover that in another post.

Side note: my trick for making broccoli much more palatable: lay it out on a sheet pan, sprinkle a bit of olive oil over, add some salt + garlic, roast @ 400 for ~40 minutes in a conventional oven. I also do this in ~6lb batches to cover me for the week.

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I think I’m going to go to weekly posting, possibly fridays from here on out. More often if something pisses me off enough that I feel it necessary to write about it.

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