Welcome to personal responsibility!

You are not a special snowflake, and you are the source of all of your problems and disappointments.

Sorry about that. 

Here is where we are going to record everything we wish we knew when we first started down the road of trying to be less fat. Maybe we can enlighten you, if you join us on this journey. Of course, if you choose not to, we will have no way of knowing… but you will have less kittens in your life. And everyone loves kittens. If you don’t love kittens the terrorists win.

One thought on “Welcome to personal responsibility!”

  1. and the terrorist just won, cause I love puppies and not kittens….Id care but I’m currently indisposed playing in a giant box full of puppies….ps I’m totally opening a competing page after I finish playing with all these PUPPIES!!!! So it might be awhile

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