No, Bad Society, It’s Not Actually Okay Being Fat

There’s A Lot Of Problems With It


So, society has gone in this interesting direction in the last little while.  I really don’t care if you disagree with me in this or not (it’s true, I have zero fucks to give), but it is NOT okay to be fat.

That sounds a little harsh, I know.  This is coming from a fat guy.  By the way, the answer to that question that is floating in the back of your head: No, I have no been brainwashed by society and the media.  Please note:  If you like who you are, and don’t want to change anything about yourself, that’s perfectly fine.  I’m okay with this.  If all you’re doing here is for entertainment purposes, Welcome!  Please enjoy the show.

There is this massive shift nowadays to tell people the importance of being self confident.  I can not make this any more clear, or important: I AM 100% ALL FOR BEING SELF CONFIDENT AND ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO PUSH THEMSELVES TO BE THE BEST THEY ABSOLUTELY CAN BE. What I am NOT okay with, is the shift in attitude saying that “Being fat is totally okay,”.

What do I mean by this?  There are songs by “musicians” (and I use the term very loosely) that basically say it’s okay be plus sized, but not okay to be fit or skinny.  Example, there is a song by a person I will call “Ricky Menagerie” that says “Fuck them skinny bitches,”.  It’s not okay to be skinny (which is funny because this individual had surgery to look a certain way).  You like the song I am talking about?  Fuck off and die.  It sucks to begin with.

Anyways, I have seen it many times in the last few years.  People advocating getting in shape and being healthy, and the internet and news outlets just ripping them apart.  Why?  Because they’re being “insensitive” to people’s feelings, or don’t know the struggles of what it’s like.  Or some other bullshit excuse blaming someone else for their poor decisions, holding everyone else accountable, except for themselves.

The only thing I will say to that: Fuck off.  Remember kids, YOU, like ME, are the problem.  We are the only ones that can do anything about it.  I know the struggle, and the hardships, and what the process is that you go through to lose the weight.

There are other songs out there that do something similar.  One that talks about Base Jumping or something.  I do find the song catchy, and find myself singing along to it.  The message it puts out there of being a strong and confident woman is amazingly huge, because I do find there are not enough messages out there geared towards women telling them to basically love themselves for who they are, and essentially fuck the rest of society for putting you down.  However, re-read paragraphs one through three.  I`ll wait.  (Wow, that took longer than I thought.)

My only issue with that song is that it again advocates being bigger as awesome. And it’s not.  There are so many negatives to being obese and overweight, that they totally outweigh (no pun intended) the positive.

I love who I am.  I am confident and strong (hell, I’m talking about this stuff online, without giving a fuck about you trolls out there…Lincoln) and care about myself.  I also care enough about myself to know I have to make the change.

My other issue with the media is actors and other famous people who lose the weight, and talk about how great they feel, get shunned and ostracized by society because they are no longer fat.  Fuck you all once again.  How dare you put someone down for an accomplishment of that magnitude.

You are where you are in life, because that’s where you want to be.  No?  The shut the fuck up and do something.  I understand there are and will always be circumstances where no matter what one does, it doesn’t work.  I know this, and have seen it.  For that rare individual, I am sorry.  I truly and deeply am.  That’s not me being facetious either.  It’s 100% honest and true as to how I feel.  I know people that have been in horrible circumstances, and work their asses off, making all the right choices, but it just doesn’t work.

For the rest of you, shut the fuck up and stop blaming everyone else.

That’s better.

End rant.

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