Part II: Why I Still Am The Problem

Remember Kids, You Are Too

So, I now knew that I was the problem: Me. My next problem was a doozy. How the hell do I fix it?  I was lucky because I now had a support group behind me that was willing to help me, and knew exactly what I was going through.  They had been through it, and still going through it.  Not everyone has that.  There are online forums and groups there to help people, but it’s not the same. A physical group around you, motivating you is different (and also, DOCTORS!  Seriously people, before doing anything, and I mean ANYTHING in terms of weight loss, GO.  SEE.  A.  DOCTOR.).

Anyways, I now had two key things in my pocket: a support system, and most importantly, I had admitted to myself out loud that I WAS THE PROBLEM.  

I spent the next couple months trying to figure out just HOW I was going to change.  I had no idea where to begin.  I researched different ways, routines, miracle pills (that’s a whole other rant), miracle diets, etc..  After talking to the gang again and getting help from them, I learned that I had two things to do first. First, I had to change my diet.

SIDE NOTE: This is a huge misconception.  Jumping to a 1000 calorie diet means you’re going to fucking fail.  A diet is not something you go on.  It is what you ingest on a regular daily basis.  You have to switch to a healthier diet for the long term, with proper portions, otherwise, you’re fucked (and not proper fucked).  Food is meant to be fuel, with the odd (once or twice a week) meal being a treat.  “But I heard about this miracle crash diet?”  Did I fucking stutter? No!  There are exceptions, but nothing you will need to concern yourself with for anything we talk about for the most part.  This is a life change for the everyday, not a two week attempt to fit into those pants.

Secondly, I had to change my own mindset.  I thought this was weird.  “Change my mindset?  What are these people?  Hippies?”.  No, they weren’t hippies.  Well, not all of them (hi Mike!  All of you!).  The mind is a powerful tool.  It literally will cause you to fail.  Remember, YOU, just like ME, are the problem.  Our own worst enemy.  Somewhere along the line, we picked up really bad habits, and made some piss poor decisions.  Thus, we are in this predicament.  We are the only ones who can get ourselves out of this.  It is up to us to find the tools to get us there.  I had to become confident with myself, and stop hating me, wishing I was different.  I had to become both okay with who I am, and what my goal was.

I bought some books to educate myself on the matter of the mental game, and snagged some videos as well.  They were/are powerful tools.  I re-watch some videos and reread a couple of books in particular once, maybe twice a year as a reminder.  I won’t mention them in the open forum, as I don’t own them and really don’t want to pay for copyrights (Cover Your Ass), but if you want to know, message me through the site and I will let you know.  That, I have no issue with.  The mental part of your change is the biggest thing people leave out.  It is insanely important! You are your worst critic.  You will tell yourself that you’re failing and to just quit.  That little voice on the inside? Yea, he’s a fucking cocksucker.  Tell that voice to eat a dick when you get discouraged, and push through.

The first, and most important, thing I did was I SAW MY DOCTOR.  I wanted to make sure that the first part of my journey was a safe one (I initially lost 120 lbs over TWO YEARS.  It was a healthy and safe progression).  Dropping large amounts of weight quickly can damage your body (ask most people from The Biggest Loser).  Your knees are a prime example, and more importantly, you heart.  I was at 350 lbs at the start of January 2014, and as of writing this, I am 313.  A TRANSFORMATION ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE FAST AND OVERNIGHT, SO DON’T FEEL DISCOURAGED!  My goal is something that I know I can accomplish, as I have done it before, and know how to do it safely (our goal is to give you the tools to do the same yourself).

I then bought a gym pass.  I basically just renewed a pass I had at a local gym that I enjoyed.  It was (and still is) an awesome place run by amazing people (keep rockin’ it Kirby and crew!).  The best thing you can do in terms of a gym is find one that has staff that truly care.  No matter what they build up their clients and help with whatever, whenever.  I generally find privately owned gyms to be this way, but there are some branded gyms that are great too.  Shop around, and take advantage of the trials that are usually offered to find what works.  There are “On a budget” gyms too.  I am going to one now.  Great facility, and it’s cheap.  I enjoy it there, but I also know what I am doing.  If you are new to a lot of this, go see a trainer.  Like a doctor, they are awesome, and can help establish plans for long term, as well as properly show you moves so you don’t hurt yourself.  Key factor in working out and getting healthy.  Getting injured because of not knowing proper training techniques can and will delay your training.  The delay, even for a few days, can and will cause you to put off the gym (hurting your mental game drastically)

Over the next two years, I started to find myself and who I was.  I didn’t look at who I wanted to be or be like.  I just embraced who I am, not what I am, which made the process easier.  Massive amounts of hard work and determination, and a full on change of how I did things in terms of what I ate and how much.  I started to change.

At first, I felt discouraged.  I couldn’t see any results.  The scale was saying something, but I didn’t see anything.  Which is common.  You don’t notice the change too much at first, as you always see yourself everyday in the mirror.  People around you, will.  Which is why having that positive atmosphere around you is so important.

Don’t worry, you eventually will.  This biggest is you will just feel better overall.  You’ll have more energy, be happier, feel healthier, sex will be better (hard to imagine I know), you’ll glow, and people will notice a change in your mental state too.  Just don’t let it who you are.  I’ve seen that too.  Don’t become that dickbag that you hated to begin with.

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