Sunday Update: April 5, 2015

Zombie Jesus Day Update!


Hello there!  So it’s been two weeks since my last update.  I was going to do one last week, but life had gotten in the way.  That, and I kind of wanted to wait until the first Sunday of April to do the measurements.

I plan on doing a measurement update every week, with a weigh in update as well.  It didn’t happen last week because, well you know, life.  I had left home at 7 am and got home and sat down in front of my laptop at 10 pm.  So trust me, I get it, life happens.

Anyways, it’s been a fun ride so far since the beginning of January and since I updated with my measurements from little over a month ago.

Everything we do on a daily basis can affect the measurements we take.  Example:  I tend to have a lower carb consumption.  I have potatoes at breakfast in the morning, as it’s a good way to get my day going and for energy.  I then tend to not have them as much over the course of the day.  But yesterday, I had a heavier carb day.  Which is needed once in a while, and it prevents me from snapping.

This can change results slightly, which isn’t a bad thing.  It’s just something to keep in mind so you don’t go crazy and get discouraged.

In any case, so long as your stats are going down, you’re fine. If you show no sign of measurement change or reduction, and the scale is going up, then you need to change something.


  • Starting Weight (Feb 22/2015): 317 lbs
  • Chest: 127 cm
  • Right Arm: 43.5 cm
  • Left Arm: 44.5 cm
  • 2″ Above Navel: 129.5 cm
  • Navel: 134.5 cm
  • 2″ Below Navel: 129.5 cm
  • Hips (widest point): 132 cm
  • Right Thigh: 81 cm
  • Left Thigh: 81 cm
  • Weight (March 22/2015): 310.5 lbs

And now for the results:

  • As the weight I had last time was on a different scale, I am using today’s weigh in.  Weight: 308.7 lbs
  • Chest: 127.3 cm
  • Right Arm: 45.5 cm
  • Left Arm: 45.2 cm
  • 2″ Above Navel: 122.6 cm
  • Navel: 127 cm
  • 2″ Below Navel: 126.4 cm
  • Hips (widest point): 123.8 cm
  • Right Thigh: 68.6 cm
  • Left Thigh: 69.9 cm

The good thing is there is a decline from my first “weigh in”.  That’s the important thing.



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