Sunday Update: May 10, 2015

Life, FTW


So, how’s it going?  That’s awesome.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there (Hi Mom!).  And for those managing to not murder their dick bag off spring, congrats and keep up the good work!  Also to those moms out there that are managing and working on improving themselves to the best they feel they should be, while having to care for another human (not just their significant other, you know who you are), keep kicking ass.

It’s never easy to get yourself into a routine and stick with it.  There are days where you finally feel like you have found your niche, and you are into a routine that works for you and yours.  You have finally gotten used to things, and have regimented it to a science.  You wake up at a certain time, no longer feeling sluggish.  You prep meals, get the kids to school/daycare, hit the gym or exercise program you love, work, pick up the kids, and get dinner made, help with their homework, cleaning done, and the day is over.  All is well.

Then something comes along and throws a wrench into the mix.  Your whole routine is destroyed, and your journey from flabby to fabby is gone.  You feel like it won’t happen, and say “Fuck it!” and revert back.

Wait..what?  You’re going to let a little thing like life get in the way of your well being?  That’s a horrible way of looking at life.  If that’s how you approach every situation, then quit now.

My job has changed in a direction that I had not foreseen, and currently I am able to get the gym and do any kind of fitness one day a week.  IF I’m lucky.  I am constantly traveling, which makes keeping a decent diet hard.  It’s easier than most people think, but time consuming and a pain in the ass.

The fact that I haven’t gained back most of the weight is awesome.  That’s because, although I haven’t eaten the cleanest while in transit, I also haven’t gorged and consumed 5000 calories.  I still consumed roughly the right amount for me, but with a lack of mobility, that can make it hard.

I know it has been a few weeks since my last update, as being on the road happens.  The key is to remember to get back on the horse and work.  Straight up giving up on your goals just means that we are right, and you’re stupid.  Life happens, and you have to remember to no let that stop you.

Anyways, the results.

Last measurements:

  • Weight: 306.6 lbs
  • Chest: 122.6 cm
  • Right Arm: 45.7 cm
  • Left Arm: 45.7 cm
  • 2″ Above Navel: 120.7 cm
  • Navel: 126.4 cm
  • 2″ Below Navel: 120.0 cm
  • Hips (widest point): 115.6 cm
  • Right Thigh: 68.6 cm
  • Left Thigh: 68.6 cm

This week:

  • Weight: 309.2 lbs
  • Chest: 128.3 cm
  • Right Arm: 47 cm
  • Left Arm: 47 cm
  • 2″ Above Navel: 122.6 cm
  • Navel: 124.5 cm
  • 2″ Below Navel: 121.9 cm
  • Hips (widest point): 116.8 cm
  • Right Thigh: 66 cm
  • Left Thigh: 66 cm

So there are some things that I ended improving on.  Not much though.  My arms have gotten a touch bigger, but I attribute that to my weight training.  The rest is all a matter of getting back on track when things slow down with work.  When that happens I have no idea.  But as I said before, this thing takes time.  If you want an overnight change, go get lipo and stop demanding things.

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