It’s Out To Get You


No, not the awesome song from by The Tea Party.  What?  You’ve never heard it of of The Tea Party?  Wow I feel old.  Go do that now.  I’ll wait.  Seriously, go fucking do it.  I know right?

Anyways: Temptation.  That shit is EVERYWHERE!  Around every corner, on billboards and bus stops.  On walls, in peoples hands as they walk past you, literally everywhere.  Having the willpower to resist can be difficult, and trust me I know this first hand.

You think it gets easier as time goes on? Nope.  Especially with my job.  I am a professional Chef that operates in remote sites and works large catering events from time to time.  I worked one party at Christmas last year, in which my main job after helping ensure the dinner crew was done with their action stations, was to run the dessert station.  I literally made over 500 s’mores, and had to resist the urge to knock the old lady over and mow on that loving package of deliciousness sandwiched between two graham cookies (she had it coming. Enjoying that in front of me. How DARE she!).

Next party, aside from the rest of the event I was helping to run, I had to set-up and keep the dessert BAR stocked: eight kinds of cheesecake, tiramisu, cookies, cream puffs, and everything else we had.  Luckily the fruit bar was a decent substitute (but man I would have stabbed that fat guy for his cheesecake).

Hell, I am working as I am typing this.  Today alone, I finished my dinner prep and as everything was cooking I made the desserts for the next two days.  Fresh European buttercream, white cake coated in fresh chocolate ganache,  homemade tres leches and Mexican hot chocolate, cookies and brownies, and pudding (because why not?).  All resisting the urge to shove the fucking thing in my mouth (Phrasing.  And no Lincoln, piss off).

I done it though.  It’s just a matter of remembering WHAT IS YOUR END GOAL?  Is that slice or three of cake really worth it?  All the work you have done and are trying to do, is it worth throwing away?  No?  Good answer.

Remember though, “treating” yourself to something once or twice a week is never a bad thing.  Shoot for once a dessert or something of that calibre, and another a burger, or pizza, or something you love to eat.  Just remember to NOT overindulge.  Gorging it got you into this mess to begin with.

Having it as a treat helps to control the cravings, and keeps you in check.  It also gives you something to look forward to.  And trust me, this is a massive deal.  You’ll both understand and thank me.  Eventually the cravings get less and less (not really, but you don’t want to stab that old lady anymore) and it will keep you sane.

The rewards in the end are totally worth not having that whole cake to yourself (unless it’s something like this cake).  Trust me.

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