The week that was, in internet land – Volume 2

Here’s a bunch of the most awesome stuff from around the web from the last week. Well, less awesome than what you see on this site of course. But still pretty damn awesome.

The Long View of Training – Greg Nuckols @ DeanSomerset.com
Maybe you should think a little farther ahead than the next day or week? I dunno, but your life might be a little less stressful if you do.

Training For Fat Loss In Simple Terms: What You Must Know – JC Deen
A good simple article covering what you should focus on in your training when trying to get less fat.

The Beautiful, Ugly Truth About Competing – Dani Shugart
This one is for the ladies out there. Though it has some connection with physique/bodybuilding for men as well.

On Bodybuilding, Broscience, and Doing Shit Because It Works – John Romanello
The eternal question – should you listen to the science or the jacked guy at the gym?

Exotic Meats For Building Muscle and Saving the Planet – Mike Campbell
If all you’re eating on your diet is plain chicken breast, you need to expand your mind a little. This will help.

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