The week that was, in internet land – Volume 3

It was a busy week in the fitness world this week. There are a few more articles on training in this one than usual, so that should help keep the meatheads happy.

“Shut up Lincoln, get to the content,” right? Fine.

It Doesn’t Have to be an Exhaustive Workout – Increasing Physical Activity Just as Effective as Strength, Endurance or Combined Exercise to Lose Fat and Build Muscle – Suppversity
Every little bit helps? And you don’t need to be a gym rat to get into a less terrible shape? Truth.

Why Do Sudden Changes In Weight Happen? – Andy Morgan
All about water weight shenanigans

Dietary Tracking Continuum – The Effortless Guide to Periodizing Your Nutrition – Eric and Chris Martinez
A good run down of the different options out there for those who want choices in their obsessiveness levels. I’m a huge fan of the Semi Track for those who are interested in maintaining rather than losing or gaining.

What the hell does “toned” mean anyways? – James Fell
James Fell asks a bunch of really smart people what “toning” means. It’s good for the lulz, and is also a good commentary on how the fitness industry works, especially regarding advertising.

How To Adjust Your Diet To Successfully Bulk – Andy Morgan
If I’d had this guide a few years ago I probably wouldn’t be near the end of a four month diet.

Succeed Every Day: A Complete Guide to Habit-Forming – Greg Nuckols
We like this.

The Essentials of Hybrid Training – Alex Viada
If you want to be strong and not-slow, or fast and not-weak, check out this collection of 10 of Alex Viada’s most awesome articles to date. And check out his book if you’re super interested.

4 Reasons you’re not getting stronger – Chet Morjaria
Some troubleshooting from Chet Morjaria. I’m guilty of at least one of these.

Why healthy habits don’t work – Bryan Krahn
An insightful commentary on how the traditional approach and advice for habit forming might not be the best thing out there.

The importance of sleep quality and how to improve it – Examine.com
Sleep is good. You should get more sleep and better sleep.

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