The week that was, in internet land – Volume 4

More good words from smarter people than we. And no, we’re not linking to the Food Babe fiasco. You all need to read the first article listed here at the very least.

The REAL Worldwide Epidemic is NOT Obesity – Paul Nobles
He has some really good points here.

4 Ways lean people think lean – Bryan Krahn
Y’all need to read this if defattening is on the agenda.

5 Things People Need to Stop Overthinking – Greg Nuckols
Most of this crap doesn’t matter in the slightest for most people.

Complete Guide to Bar Speed Trackers – Carl Valle
I’m more than a bit of a geek, and this kind of thing is super cool.

Eight Tips for Long Term Lifting – Eric Bach
If you want to be in the iron game for more than a year or two you should probably think about more than just what is on the bar on any given day.

My Switch to Strength: The Tale of a Former Cardio Queen – Jen Comas
This one is for the ladies. And some of the men, too. Don’t be scared of the iron.

Losing Fat Without Macro Counting – 10 Simple Strategies – Jason Helmes
These are all good tips. #10 is especially relevant to stress-eaters like myself.

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