The week that was, in internet land – Volume 6

All out of fucks to give on a Sunday. Go read some stuff.

Carbs Aren’t Inherently Bad, But Your Individual Tolerance Can Vary – Dick Talens
Sorry, Paleo bros.

5 of the Worlds Healthiest Foods (That Are Actually Making You Fat!) – Jordan Syatt
AKA if you eat too much of ANYTHING you are gonna have a fat time.

How to Live a Life That Matters – Bryan Krahn
All you need is a reason.

How to fight depression naturally with nutrition – Camille DePutter
I know that I personally tend to have a more stable mood when I don’t eat a ton of crap.

The Biggest Lie in The Fitness Industry – Josh Hillis
In the same vein as Bryan’s post.

How I Gave Up My Tupperware And Got My Life Back – Jen Comas
Many people go from extreme to extreme. Maybe moderation is worth a shot.

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