The week that was, in internet land – Volume 8

We’re gonna be back on the posting train this week folks. Life is un-fucking itself a little bit for us.

What the dadbod is really all about – Paul Carter
Ooh dis is gud. Really good. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more nasty comments at the bottom.

Does Light Load Training Build Muscle in Experienced Lifters? – Brad Schoenfeld
tl;dr Yes. Don’t be stupid if you can help it.

The Sport Psychology of Goal-Setting – Michael Israetel
Goals are important. How you set them in a big way determines if you are going to achieve them or not.

5 Strategies for Overcoming Binge Eating – Tara Senic
Good tips for those of us who struggle with not occasionally eating ALL THE THINGS.

Good Fiber, Bad Fiber – How The Different Types Affect You – Joe Leech
I had no idea, to be honest. Good info.

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