The week that was, in internet land – Volume 9

Happy May long everybody! Hope you’re not dead from too much fun over the weekend.

When “Just Lose More Fat” is Not the Answer – Shoee Walsh
This one is mostly for the ladies. Though some of the guys here could stand to read it too.

8 truths to live (and lift) by – Paul Carter
This guy knows what’s up. Not your usual fitness writing, but definitely worth reading.

15 Expert Tips to Unleash your Athleticism – Eric Bach
Some good thoughts here. It’s not ALL picking up heavy things and putting them down.

When To Eat Delicious Food And When To Avoid It – Mike Israetel
This guy knows his shit. Seriously.

The New Approach to Training Volume – Nathan Jones
And interesting article on how training affects hypertrophy. And everything else. Aimed at a more advanced lifting crowd.

Why You Should Ignore Canada’s Food Guide and Follow Brazil’s Instead – Genevieve Fullan

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