Downloads & Things We Like

Here is where we will put our spreadsheets and cheat sheets and other whatnots. Once Lincoln gets off his ass and actually makes them available.

Until then, here are some things we think are pretty awesome:

Android Apps:

Libra weight tracker app. This is what we both use to keep an eye on how we are doing weight-wise. Though Lincoln also has a spreadsheet.

FitNotes fitness tracker. Great for tracking workouts and such things. Surprisingly, no spreadsheet for this one. Yet.

MyFitnessPal calorie/food tracker. House uses this, Lincoln is a ridiculous geek and uses a crazy excel spreadsheet.

HabitRPG is a great way to help yourself build new habits or break old ones. Lincoln uses it to punish himself by erasing imaginary internet points whenever he slips up on his diet or whatever.

iPhone Apps:

Sorry, we’re both android users. Maybe go ask some hipster at a coffee shop? Preferably not a fat one.


Just a note: Even though we are including referral links in some of the website links below, we would never recommend something that we don’t actually believe in and/or use ourselves. Research Digest, Stack Guides, and Goals Reference. is THE best place to get supplement information, without a doubt. They are unbiased and just plain awesome. [Referral links] is where Lincoln gets his whey protein from when he is not within driving distance of a Costco. Their whey concentrate is good quality, and a pretty damn good price. [Referral link] for all your supplement needs. Generally cheaper than a brick-and-mortar store.


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