Transformation Tuesday, Episode One

Apparently it’s traditional to do these on a day that starts with T. Damned if I know why.

Anyways, I’ve been at this since the beginning of the year now (4 months, a total of about 16 weeks of actual dieting), and I hit my second major weight goal and am on a 4 week diet break, so I guess it’s a good a time as any for an arbitrarily chosen milestone and update. I had both the knowledge and free time (Woo Fort McMurray) to plan and prep so as to be able to make progress that was within shooting distance of optimal, considering my goals.

My goals are/were: maintainable fat loss, minimal muscle loss (I definitely lost more than I would prefer, though it comes back fairly quickly), not cutting calories hard enough that my work or gym performance dropped. I think I managed most of those. I ate real and delicious foods the whole time, never really felt deprived, managed to maintain strength in the gym rather than losing any, and didn’t kill anyone. I’m down about three and a half notches on my belt, the total sum of my three point skinfold test has dropped by about 60%, and I’m down a combined 33 inches (83.5cm) off all of my measurements.

I started the year at 182.9lb. Well, actually a little less than that but that’s what I went back up to a couple of days after re-adding regular creatine supplementation into my life, so I’m calling it my starting weight. I started at around 2000 calories per day, by the end I was on about 1800. Six days per week at the gym, three days of squats, three days of bench, about an hour of cardio on the bike each day. One free meal per week on Sundays.

I’m currently at 150.3 lb. It wasn’t super easy, but it really wasn’t all that hard. I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but I’m a lot closer than I was. And I was frankly shocked when I was putting these pictures together at how much of a difference there was and how depressed I looked in the first set – it’s a lot harder to see the progress when you are in the middle of the day to day. In case you are smart like rock truck, the one on the LEFT is me in the first week of January this year, and the one on the right is May 10th. I started my diet break on the 2nd of May, but waited a week to take pictures because I always look flat and depleted after dieting. A week of regular eating always makes me look a ton better. Why yes, I AM shallow.

Front Compare EOD 1 Side Compare EOD 1

If I can do it, anyone can. Going from fat to not-fat isn’t and shouldn’t be hard, if you do it with your brain in gear. We’ve given you everything you really need to know to get on that path. So start today.

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