Why am I fat? The final part in the series.

Get out of your own way for once

There’s a popular quote that says something like “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” That’s actually not insanity, that’s just being stupid and not learning from your mistakes. This is a thing that seems pretty much exclusive to humans – it’s probably something to do with the size of our neocortex. Basically, we’re all stupid and lazy.

Once you realize this, you will see that if you always do what you have always done, you will probably get what you have always got from those actions. If sitting on the couch and eating cheetos all day made you fat, and you go on an actually insane [indicative of mental health issues] crash diet, and lose 100 pounds, then go back to sitting on the couch eating cheetos, don’t be surprised when you get fat again. This isn’t bad genetics, it’s stupid brain cells.

This is something that I personally struggled with a fair bit. My initial serious weight loss was all done by a diet that was not insane, was not a crash diet, and was actually sustainable. But it was absolutely nothing like how I was used to eating previously, and when I finished up, I slowly started to get fat again [3 year slow dirty bulk for the win!]. I made a mostly temporary change rather than a lifestyle one.

Thankfully I spent enough time in the gym picking heavy things up and putting them down that I also – essentially by pure chance – managed to put on some muscle while I was doing it, so while these days I’m a fair bit heavier than I was when I first dieted down, I’m in about the same relative shape by body composition/body fat percentage measurements. I have now learned that if I want to be not fat for the rest of my life, I need to stop doing the things that got me fat.

So figure out how you are sabotaging yourself, what bullshit stories you are telling yourself to take the sting out when the scale is up another 10lb, and if you are willing to change or not. But don’t continue repeating the habits that got you where you are if that place makes you unhappy in some way.

Small changes are probably best at first. Here’s one for you if you don’t know where to start: stop drinking calories. Either stop cold turkey or if you drink a gallon a day, cut it in half. This one change is usually enough to make positive physical changes for a lot of people. Switch to water, diet pop, or my personal favourite – those squeeze bottles of zero calorie water flavouring stuff.

The only one standing in your way is you. So clear the way and move on.

But wait, there’s more [and hope]!

Here we are. You have now learned that everything is your own fault. That you probably don’t actually know that much about anything fitness or nutrition related. And that you will have to change if you want to change.

You are now at a crossroads, and have to make a decision. Change, or not. Pick a different path, or continue on the one you are on. Whatever you choose to do, own it. Decide if getting a six-pack is really worth it [hint: it probably isn’t, and is not going to happen in 6 minutes], if getting healthier is worth it [it probably is], or if you are just fine where you are.

If you decide to change, don’t ever quit. You haven’t failed until you decide to quit. Went out for drinks with your friends instead of staying in and getting to bed at a reasonable time? Oh well, that was yesterday. Worry about today. If you take care of the days, the weeks and months will take care of themselves.

It’s a long road, and a hard one. But we think it’s worth it.

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